(Nederlands) Medium schapenhok voor buiten met dak


(Nederlands) Medium schapenhok voor buiten met dak


(Nederlands) The Solway Recycling Outdoor Sheep Pens have been developed further, once again, due to feedback from our customers. We have now developed a roof which fully covers the pen.

The Solway Sheep Pens are made from 100% recyled plastic and do not harbour disease.

Have a look at our accessories to get the most out of your Solway Lambing Pens.

All our pens are made so that they can be added to year on year. Why not give them a go! Once you see how good they are you can add to them when and as needed.

The intermediate Solway products sheep pens are a length 5ft (1500mm) panel weight 11.4kg width 4ft (1220mm) panel weight 9.3kg height 3ft (900mm)

All sizes mentioned are external and approximate.

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