(Nederlands) Luxe monster hondenhok


(Nederlands) Luxe monster hondenhok


(Nederlands) 8 Great Reasons to buy your monster dog kennel today.

Made from recycled plastic you will not need to treat your luxury kennel for woodworm and the weather unlike traditional wooden products the time and money saved can be spent with your dog.

100% UK manufactured supporting our economy and producing wages in this country to spend on other farming goods.

The kennel has a free flowing ventilation system which can be opened or closed depending on the temperature outside. This helps the kennel stay cool on a warm afternoon and also reduces draughts on a colder day.

The smooth nature of the plastic is easy to clean and leaves no spaces for bacteria to build up helping keep your monster kennel pristine and your dog safe from disease.

The strength of the recycled plastic makes it splinter proof therefore there is no danger of your pedigree animal injuring itself taking a chunk out of it’s kennel which is a possibility with some less rigid materials (even a very powerful dog like a Rottweiler will struggle to scratch the surface).

A choice of colour to blend in nicely with your surroundings your monster dog kennel can be despatched today in either grey or black.

Plenty of space for even the largest of dogs the monster dog kennel dimensions are 1500mm L x 1010mm W x 1020mm H. The large front opening is 420mm W x 710mm H allowing easy access for even large dogs and large enough for you to get into without any trouble. A large opening lockable back door of 390mm W x 690mm H allowing you the option entering from the rear of the kennel.

A 1220mm L x 1010mm W x 1020mm H run which is based on our hen house runs designed to be fully fox proof and made from galvanised steel. Easily fastened to the ground with the minimum of fuss the design to keep foxes out will keep your dog safely in. The extension run has a lockable opening door.

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