(Nederlands) Lam verwarmer


(Nederlands) Lam verwarmer


(Nederlands) Solway’s latest product is the innovative Lamb Warming Box. The Lamb Warming Box provides a constant flow of warm air to heat up lambs suffering from Hypothermia and is easily kept clean to avoid a build up of diseases.

The durability of this plastic also means a Lamb Reviver Box should save valuable lambs for a lifetime.

The new Solway Lamb Warming Box can be supplied flat packed or erected ready to use complete with a convector heater. This Lamb Warming Box has four compartments, but is easily adjusted into two or three warm spaces to suit the size of lambs, all guaranteed to give weak lambs the best possible chance of reviving.

The dimensions of the box are 900mm long x 500mm wide x 650mm tall.

Why make do and mend, wasting your time and losing lambs when the Solway Lamb Warming Box is available at £199 plus VAT, including a free heater and delivery.

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