(Nederlands) Plantentafel voor in de kas


(Nederlands) Plantentafel voor in de kas


(Nederlands) Greenhouses are hot, damp places and staging made from traditional materials such as wood or steel suffer badly in such an environment. The heat and damp will rot wood quickly and ferrous metals will rust, even when painted.

Our staging is completely impervious to moisture as it is made almost entirely from plastic. The few metal parts are made from stainless steel. Furthermore,unlike wood, plastic does not provide many places fo plant pests or disease to multiply – which can only be good for your plants!

While our staging is strong and stable, we do recommend that it is fixed in position where this is possible. It can support a surprising weight, and is simplicity itself to clean.

A trug is available as an accessory – great for keeping your tools and other bits and bobs close at hand!

A trug, useful for storing tools and other small items, is available as an accessory for this product.

External Dimensions: 120 (w) x 82 (h) x 50 (d) cm

This product is available in Black only.

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