(Nederlands) mini varkens bord


(Nederlands) mini varkens bord


(Nederlands) Solway micro pig boards are made from recycled plastic making them extremely durable and hard wearing. They also have the added benefit of being easy to clean which will have them looking like new for your next outing to show or market. Even the friskiest of micro pig can be handled with ease with our hand crafted recycled plastic boards.

The pig boards are strong without being too heavy, which is important when staff are penning or loading perhaps more suited to smaller breeds the dimensions of the micro pig board are 610mm by 490mm by 9mm which weighs in at an easy to manage 2.5kg.

There will be no weather treatment required as our recycled plastic pig board will not rot if left out in the rain.

Pictured board standard pig board.

610mm by 980mm by 9mm weight 5kg.

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