(Nederlands) Picknicktafel van gerecycled plastic 1.5m


(Nederlands) Picknicktafel van gerecycled plastic 1.5m


(Nederlands) Solway Products 1.5m picnic table is made from plastic that is 100 percent recycled this has the added benefit of being easy to clean and extremely hygienic.

In your choice of a 1.5m picnic table you will be buying an environmentally pure product which will be robust saving on repair and maintenance cost. Your 1.5m picnic table is virtually vandal proof as recycled plastic is more resistant to graffiti and other damage than traditional wooden products.

Solway products 1.5m picnic table is available for delivery in a variety of colours and may have a memorial plaque added to suit your requirements. If you want a picnic table with a parasol hole then let us know when you order.

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